Trial Management

Trial Management

Our clinical trial managers are highly skilled across multiple fields, which ensures we can rapidly adapt to  the expanding requirements of the clinical trials bought to us for adoption. This also allows our clinical trial managers to be involved with multiple trials when developing grant applications and delivering trials.  Core tasks our trial management team would be involved with include:

  • Supporting grant applications
  • Assisting with costings
  • Supporting and developing study protocols, including timelines and delivery plans
  • Supporting the training of study delivery staff


Data Management

Our data management services range from advice on data management strategies to implementing complete data management solutions. We support with:

  • Non-CTIMP Database development
  • CTIMP Database development
  • Medical Device based Database development 
  • Consultation support for developing database management strategic plans for CTIMP and Non CTIMP
  • Costing for new Research project applications
  • Advice on cost frameworks for new applications
  • e-CRF: Design and development