Knowledge and Innovation Bulletin February 2021

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People Management & Leadership in Clinical Trials | Issue 3 | 25th Feb 2021

Dr Vanessa Raymont

We have all had to adapt massively in terms of how we design and deliver clinical trials over the last year and even without a pandemic, the delivery of a clinical trial to the highest scientific standards can be challenging in today’s complex clinical trials environment. Any lead role within a trial, whether it be as a PI, project manager or other position, can encompass a range of responsibilities. This can include everything from protocol design to budget oversight, and will run from the trial planning phase until completion of the study report or manuscript for publication. It also can involve the need for adaptation, such as what to do if the trial progress deviates from the plan, if recruitment is slower than forecasted, interim analyses show unexpected results or if funding changes. A seasoned leader is prepared for these challenges and manages to redirect its project and the team accordingly. But this is something that is not always easy.
In this edition we have bought together articles written by some very experienced leaders in clinical trials, which highlight challenges they have faced during their research careers, as well as some of the lessons COVID-19 may have taught us. Enjoy!

Dr Vanessa Raymont (Director, Oxford Brain Health Clinical Trials Unit)


Special thanks to Dr Belinda Lennox, Professor Craig Ritchie, Dr Johannes Klein, Ms Nyla Haque & Professor Simon Lovestone for their valued contributions to this edition.